April 12, 2022 2 min read

When does AVI become useful?

Automated Vehicle Identification System

Automated Vehicle Identification (AVI) is a necessity in Unattended scale operations; however, it can also be used in Attended weighing to speed up the weighing process and minimize the possibility of incorrect vehicle entry. On any given scale both operator-entered vehicle ID and AVI may be used interchangeably. 

During the weighing process drivers board the scale and theselected  AVI device identifies the vehicleand then the ScaleQ ticketing system will search the database for the correct vehicle record. The data on filewill be usedto begin the transaction. If all the required data is pre-assigned within the database, the transaction may be completed immediately. This significantly improves vehiclethroughput permittingenhanced productivity. Any data not pre-assigned may be entered by the scale attendant. 

Which AVI is best for your operation? 

RFID is good for captive fleets or high frequency visiting trucks. You can mount the tag to the trucks that are coming in regularly. Radio Frequency Identification tags are very durable. You will see the same tags on railcars across the United States. 

Another option is Barcode Identification. Barcodes only cost pennies to print. You can issue barcodes at the time of weighing for someone who is only going to be coming in two or three times and then is going to disappear. Having a barcode reader at the scale side would save the scale operator from searching for the truck on file. That search time multiplied by hundreds of trucks a day would increase your throughput. The advantage of RF or Barcode cuts down transaction time tremendously. You can easily get multiple additional loads per hour.

Sometimes RFID, Barcodes or Proximity Cards are good for different reasons at the same location. RFID or Barcode identification identify the vehicle itself rather than a job or customer. Once you have the vehicle identification set, the AVI tag or barcode is usable for perpetuity. 

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