Mining Weighing Industry Solutions

ILS has provided solutions for the mining weighing industry for years.

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At Peabody Coal, ILS was the first in the industry to monitor trucks using RFID tags. This unattended weighing increased throughput, especially at coal wash facilities. It also allowed early and late loading so extra runs could be made.

Unattended weighing allows verification of pay for drivers and haulers, depending on whether they are paid by the hour or by the load. An added benefit is that drivers can stay in their vehicles, promoting safety and lessening liability.

A special area of ILS expertise is unattended weigh-ins at power plants receiving coal directly from mines. ILS has tools to monitor contract fulfillment, quota management, and truck sampling for quality based on percentage or other qualification.

The use of unattended weighing and RFID means that a truck’s only stop in the plant is on the scale, with data collection performed automatically. Customers have found this has doubled and even quadrupled efficiency.

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