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Enterprise Solutions for scale management software and hardware.

Interface Logic Systems can design and deliver enterprise software management solutions to accommodate specialized requirements. ILS excels in planning and implementing the infrastructure needed to support central office management with geographically remote scale house operations, as well as in providing inventive solutions to challenging business issues.

With more than a century's service to the weighing industry, our experienced sales and engineering professionals will work with you to identify productivity bottlenecks or to define new opportunities and workflows that will enhance your business. Following extensive evaluation, ILS and the customer will review proposed solutions with and eye toward fine-tuning them for optimal performance. As the solutions are developed, a timeline for implementation will be determined that will manage expectations and have the least impact on y our day-to-day operations. Installation and review will complete the project.

Some examples of our innovative enterprise solutions are:

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Business Sector Solutions

Interface Logic Systems scale management solutions support bulk weighing of any material. The critical aspect is collecting and processing the data derived from weighing for customers to use to manage their yards and businesses as effectively and profitably as possible. ILS's long experience and breadth of knowledge allow us to partner with our customers in a consultative relationship. We understand the specific requirements of each of the business sectors we serve so we can work alongside our customers to plan and implement solutions that are tailored to the vertical market and the individual customer. Among the markets ILS serves are Aggregates, Asphalt, Mining, Solid Waste Management, Recycling and Access Control. 

Other Bulk Weighing

Two examples of other bulk weighing solutions ILS has provided are for the wood and paper industry and for barge terminal management.

At wood chip mills where pulp is made for paper plants, logged trees are weighed and the type of wood tracked. At the paper mill, chips and pulp are weighed in and tracked with inventory control.

Scale Management at barge terminals handles reception, stockpiling and distribution of grain, salt, aggregate and other materials being shipped to a dock for trans-loading onto a barge for shipment. 

Scale management software solutions for your business. 

You don't run a scale house... You run a business.

Let Interface Logic Systems help you simplify your business with its superior Weighing Management & Control Solutions that drive valuable business processes for maximizing your assets, your yard's efficiency and, most importantly, your revenue.

Our scale management software solutions range from sophisticated scale control and reporting to secure unattended weighing and gate control. These productivity and profit solutions are:

          ScaleQ offers a host of features and customizable options, ILS' flagship Scale 
          Management and Control System maintains the efficiency of a user-friendly,
          intuitive interface and the security of a reliable and rugged application. ScaleQ is
          offered in three variations to address the unique requirements of a broad range of
          clients: ScaleQ Express, ScaleQ Foundation, ScaleQ Exclusive

ILS' scale management software applications are built using industry and market standards. The widely deployed Microsoft SQL Server Express is the database, providing a powerful yet easy to manage platform. Off-the-shelf computers running Windows 10 are the workstations of choice. Standard TCP/IP networking protocols perform communication. Open standard XML drives data presentation for viewing, reporting and export/import.

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