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Paperless scale truck scale tickets. 

ILS delivers a number of ways to minimize physical interactions between drivers and scale house personnel. 

The most recent feature to be implemented in ILS ScaleQ ticketing software is e-Mail Ticket Printing.  With e-Ticket, the ScaleQ Customer record will be modified to include an e-mail address field and a logical “Send e-mail?” field.  When the “Send e-mail field is checked, individual, formatted tickets are created in PDF format and e-mailed immediately upon completion.  Each PDF document will also be saved on the scale PC.

A new system printer will be defined in ScaleQ, so that traditional physical tickets can be printed in the scale house for archival purposes, if desired. 

The only requirements for implementing ILS e-Ticket are an internet connection and a compatible SMTP e-mail service, such as Outlook, Microsoft Office 365, G-Mail, and others.

Whether you use e-ticket or a paper ticket you are still compliant with the Department of Transportation. 

Save money. Save paper. Meet social distancing needs for truck scale ticketing systems with e-Ticket and still meet DOT regulations.

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