Recycling Weighing Industry Solutions

Recycling weighing industry solutions from yard waste to scrap metal. 

recycling weighing industry

ILS tools manage three areas in the recycling arena, in addition to solid waste management of household materials.

ILS clients handle automobile, junk and other scrap metal for recycling at crushing and shredding operations in preparation for transfer to steel mills for reprocessing. Both commercial suppliers and the public are serviced. A standard workflow for the public recycling scrap metal is to swipe a driver’s license for ticket information as well as for reporting to law enforcement and other municipal agencies. Nonferrous metals such as bronze and copper are weighed on industrial platform scales. Private party transactions via check or cash with multiple cash drawers can be made.

We also serve steel companies that accept scrap from vendors for reprocessing by managing the weigh-in and tracking inventory in yard.

Commercial and municipal yard waste operations where private parties pay to drop off leaves, brush and other biomass recyclables are handled inbound including charges, in inventory, and outbound after composting including sales transactions. Inventory functions monitor changing supply levels and report on them so it can be determined how much yard waste is on the ground versus how much mulch is available for sale.

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