Access Control Software Solutions

Access control for unattended commercial operations and gated communities. 

access control

Commercial and residential access control is an outgrowth from ILS weighing solutions. It focuses on four W’s — who, when, where and even why.

GateKeeper Quality Access Control software is designed for commercial, industrial and residential gated facilities where restricted access is required.

Many of our weigh scale customers wanted to extend plant hours at unattended scales without adding to the payroll. ILS designed solutions that could limit which trucks would be allowed into the yard after hours, would check them in and then trigger the gate to open. Further granularity has been provided to designate which gates can be opened after hours, including the assignment of vehicle to gate to enforce security by managing access to and within the yard.

Access control has been expanded to gated residential communities to define which gates can be used by residents and service people.

For example, main gates may be accessed by residents and visitors while other gates are reserved for housekeepers, landscapers and maintenance personnel.

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