Solid Waste Weighing Industry Solutions

Solid waste weighing industry software and hardware solutions. 

solid waste weighing industry

Our applications manage solid waste above and below ground at landfills and transfer stations. The majority of these are attended stations in the commercial and municipal sectors where material is received with resulting financial transactions. ILS can track what waste has been received and where in the facility it is dumped, above or below ground. Our client base is diverse, ranging from single scales to multi-site satellite transfer stations feeding a central refuse facility.

One of ILS’s specialties is consolidation of operations where weigh-in data is collected at the satellite station and automatically relayed to the central facility so no weigh-in is required at the landfill. In addition to commercial and municipal operations, transient cash customers can be accommodated.

ILS helps its clients to adhere to Environmental Protection Agency and other regulatory requirements by tracking daily allowances and managing sampling and subsequent reporting.

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