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Interface Logic Systems provides a full line of software and hardware products to facilitate yard and office operations. Proven in the field across the country for years, our offerings can be shown to improve scale house weighing efficiency, enabling our customers to enhance revenue and reduce cost.

ScaleQ weighing management software is offered in three different tiers to assist you in purchasing only as much as you need. You don't have to pay for more than your business needs require. As your business needs grow we can upgrade your weighing management software at anytime. 

ScaleQ Express is an entry-level ticketing and data collection program offering pre-configured setting for a very quick installation and speed of use.

ScaleQ Foundation is our full-featured version of the ScaleQ line, offering user-configurability and options for personalizing the application, limiting the need for customization.

ScaleQ Exclusive is designed for every application-specific operations fully customizable for the more unique requirements, especially for enterprise customers. 

Feature / Function




Attended Weighing on 1-2 Scales

Stored Tare Weights

Cash Transactions

Manual Tickets

Ticket Editing, Voiding, UnVoiding
Customer & Job Discounts
Catalog Pricing
Catalog Pricing
Report from ScaleQ

Manager Program (Permissions, Export, Import, Clear, etc.)

Quantity Tickets
Additional Item Tickets
Pay Later
Catalog Pricing
Quotas / Inventory
User-Defined Categories and Text Fields
Weighing on 3 or More Scales
Unattended Weighing
Traffic Lights / Photocells
Report Design Program
Other Administration Software / Splitsend / Data Sync
Loadout Control
Custom Functionality
Database Customization


ScaleQ Report  is the most powerful and flexible ILS reporting utility.

Our reporting systems have long been praised as a powerful, yet simple tool for business management. Our latest generation provides even more powerful features and resources to enhance the productivity and profitability of the scale house. 

QReport, the fully integrated ScaleQ report generator, mines the transaction history for management information that can help you run your business smartly. QReport is supplied as a standard with every system, Express, Foundation and Exclusive. A wizard simplifies designing reports, whether they are quick daily summaries or more complex quarterly or yearly trending reports to help you identify your best customers and top-selling products. Reports can be run on demand or scheduled for after-hours output.

With QReport, any field of any table in the database can be reported on for management, inventory and financial information. You can sort, group and select on any field and link from one table to another, based on the linkages already set up in the database. Once you have the report you want, you can view the results on the screen, print them to a printer as a PDF, e-mail. You can also save reports to a spreadsheet, or view as a web page. Data files can be exported to third-party applications. An optional interface to QuickBooks™ can significantly improve speed and accuracy over manual transcription of scale data. 

ScaleQ Report represents a quantum leap in convenience, functionality and power. Contact an ILS representative to schedule a demo of our line of our weighing management software. 

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