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ScaleQ Express scale software is perfect for single locations.

attended weighing scale ticket software

ScaleQ Express is a lower cost, fully functional, entry level application designed for clients with single locations, lower traffic volumes and simplified data requirements. Express processes, tracks and reports on operator-attended transactions by customer, job, truck and material.

Express scale software will track basic data and generate standard reports. Express is based on ILS' ScaleQ scale software program and is readily expandable to Foundation or Exclusive as your needs evolve.

ScaleQ Express features attended weighing on 1-2 scales.

Express stores tare weights. Scale software features include manual tickets, ticket editing, voiding and un-voiding tickets. You can provide customer and job discounts.

The user-friendly interface is quickly mastered making Express an easy to use scale software. With Express scale software application we've provided fast, accurate weighing and ticketing. 

You are in charge of security with a variety of tools to protect against fraud and error. Some features and functions include stored tare weights, cash transactions, customer and job discounts, manual tickets, ticket editing, voiding and un-voiding. Report printing from ScaleQ program is easy. Ticket software includes a manager program (permissions, export, import, clear, etc) and HASP protection and permissions. 

Comparison chart between ScaleQ Express, Foundation and Exclusive

Feature / Function




Attended Weighing on 1-2 Scales

Stored Tare Weights

Cash Transactions

Manual Tickets

Ticket Editing, Voiding, UnVoiding
Customer & Job Discounts
Catalog Pricing
Catalog Pricing
Report from ScaleQ

Manager Program (Permissions, Export, Import, Clear, etc.)

Quantity Tickets
Additional Item Tickets
Pay Later
Catalog Pricing
Quotas / Inventory
User-Defined Categories and Text Fields
Weighing on 3 or More Scales
Unattended Weighing
Traffic Lights / Photocells
Report Design Program
Other Administration Software / Splitsend / Data Sync
Loadout Control
Custom Functionality
Database Customization


Ask us how Express scale software can maximize your productivity and profitability.  

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