April 12, 2022 1 min read

Barcode identification is an inexpensive option to increase throughput for the scale house. 

barcode for vehicle identification scale ticketing system

  • Barcode labels are printed using the ScaleQ Report program and adhered to plastic cards distributed to the drivers. 
  • Labels feature the barcode and human readable identification. Barcodes and Labels typically comprise the Truck Code as defined in the ScaleQ database.   
  • Barcode ID Cards can be easily and inexpensively laminated using standard packing tape to ensure durability. 
  • Barcode cards can optionally be tethered to the vehicle dashboard using readily available retractile cables (similar to telephone handset cables) to help prevent being accidentally removed from the vehicle. 
  • Since barcodes can be replicated in ScaleQ at any time, and at minimal cost, replacing lost or damaged cards is quick and cost-effective, and does not require maintaining an inventory of pre-printed or pre-programmed items. 
  • During the weighing process, drivers will insert the Barcode Card into the scanner slot of the scale side Remote Data Terminal. ScaleQ will search the database for the correct vehicle record and use the data on file to begin the transaction. If all data required for completion of the transaction is pre-assigned within the database, the transaction may be completed immediately, significantly improving throughput and permitting...  

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