ScaleQ Foundation Scale Management Software

ScaleQ Foundation scale management software is easy and flexible to use.

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 ScaleQ Foundation scale management software features an intuitive, simple-to-use interface that supports efficient high-volume weighing and ticketing at the busiest scale house. As a standard application, with extensive configurability, it meets a wide variety of customer-specific requirements.

Using Microsoft Windows, a detailed SQL database structure tracks all the information you require for Customer, Jobs, Quotas, Haulers and Materials. In addition, Catalog Pricing will provide the ability to maintain multiple price lists that can be assigned to multiple customers or be designed for a single job, as your workflow demands. With the ability to replicate files, you can establish a template Price Catalog that can be copied and then tailored for your customers and jobs.

Comparison chart between ScaleQ Express, Foundation and Exclusive

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You will find ScaleQ Foundaton scale management software the most friendly, capable and flexible solution available.