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Weighing made easy with Point of Sale option. 

Scale ticketing credit card payment

With ILS ScaleQ truck ticketing software you can accept credit and debit card payments at the kiosk or Point-of-Sale. Designed to be fully integrated within the ScaleQ system. Process transactions faster than ever with the security you need. Optional unattended payment option will make running your scale house more efficient. 

More Ways To Pay

  • Secure, Fast, Easy
  • Increase Cash Flow
  • Use Your Own Payment Processor
  • Chip, Swipe & Tap Payment Options 
  • Fully Integrated with ILS ScaleQ Suite
  • Optional Unattended Payment Option 

ScaleQ truck ticketing software supports integrated acceptance of credit card payments for ScaleQ transactions. When a cash sale weighing is complete the operator is presented with a Payment window which includes a payment type selection. To accept a credit card payment the operator selects “Credit Card” from the dropdown list and clicks on “Finish”. The payment terminal prompts the driver to present his credit card and connects with the processing center. Upon approval, the transaction is completed, the ticket is printed, including the approval code and the reference number.  If a transaction is not approved, or if connectivity with the processing center is lost, the scale attendant can cancel the card transaction and either allow the customer to try a different card, accept cash payment, or complete a Pay Later transaction in ScaleQ. If connectivity with the provider is lost, the system will time out and the attendant can again select an alternate form of payment. 

Credit card processing is a hardware and software solution for credit card processing. The payment terminal supports swipe, chip and contactless transactions, and features a rugged, weather-resistant housing suitable for installation outdoors, adjacent to the scale, enabling driver to remain in their vehicles.

Credit card processing can be also used in unattended scale operations. Cash customers who initiate a transaction using an ILS Remote Data Terminal or RF Identification System will be prompted to enter their credit card upon arrival.  An in-yard transaction will be initiated, and a pre-authorization will be performed.  A pre-authorized amount, which can be established within the ScaleQ database, will be applied, ensuring that the driver will complete the transaction. When pre-authorization is granted, the driver will leave the scale for loading, then return for outbound weighing, transaction finalization and ticket printing.

Credit card processing is integrated into the ScaleQ Scale Management System and does not require operators to manually enter approval numbers or other information from third-party processing systems.  For the security and protection of both buyer and seller, the credit card number is not retained by ScaleQ.  Transaction reference numbers and approval numbers are saved in the ScaleQ database and are linked to the scale ticket. ScaleQ users can utilize their own credit card processing service, or ILS can assist in establishing a new relationship with a national provider. 

ILS ScaleQ truck ticketing software and hardware allows more ways to pay. 

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