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Mobile yard app keeps traffic flowing. 

Mobile Yard App ILS ScaleQ Yard iQ

Quickening the pace of site access and reducing scale traffic increases your profit and productivity. Weighing made easy with ILS' Yard iQ. Whether you use an iOS or Android device we have you covered. Our mobile yard app increases the flow of traffic so you can get trucks checked in quicker and more efficient. 

  • Handheld Check-In of Trucks
  • Less Wait Time
  • Less Time on the Scale
  • iOS & Android 

Since 1986, Interface Logic Systems has been dedicated to improving our clients’ productivity and profitability.  The latest tool for accomplishing that goal is ILS’ Mobile Yard application, Yard iQ. 

Yard iQ is an application designed for installation on handheld, portable devices running the Android operating systems. (Apple/iOS application is coming soon.)  The application interfaces with the ScaleQ database wirelessly, through the facility’s WiFi network.  

With Yard iQ installed on a portable tablet, personnel can check vehicles into the facility prior to their arriving at the scale.  Tickets can be started, entering Customer, Job, Material and other information.  Upon arriving at the scale, the attendant will select the vehicle from the ScaleQ yard list, review the data for accuracy, and process the weighment, quickly clearing the scale for the next vehicle.  During high traffic times, being able to start the transaction process for vehicles waiting in line significantly speeds up the process, allowing more loads to be weighed, maximizing productivity. 

In-yard records may be edited using Yard iQ, correcting incorrect information, changing or adding materials, etc.  Since multiple tablets can interface with the database simultaneously, multiple personnel can enter begin transactions, edit data, and remove trucks from the queue if necessary, without interrupting the scale attendant and slowing down traffic on the scale. 

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