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Reliable software for asphalt producers and contractors.

Asphalt software designed to enhance productivity and profitability for small, independent operations as well as large, multi-site enterprises.   

ILS ScaleQ offers a sophisticated database to track Customers, Jobs, Materials, Haulers, Trucks, and more. Ticketing is quick and intuitive. Selectable assignment of default transaction data minimizes ticketing time and the chance of errors. Special pricing can be set up for specific customers, jobs, discount rates, or other categories using the ScaleQ Catalog feature.   

Multiple silos may be configured, and loadouts can be automated, with configurability for net weight loading and load to vehicle gross weight, with multiple drop configurable by truck. ILS Loadout Control Interfaces will be designed for your unique and specific requirements, including output and input circuitry and relays to control discharge gates, safety gates, traffic lights, vehicle positioning sensors, level indicators, belt scale inputs, and more. 

Both fixed and auto-calculated freefall compensation are supported for consistently accurate loading.  Silo and material inventory tracking are supported with scale-based deductions and production increases (according to input data supplied by the plant), as well as the ability to make manual adjustments for production, shipment, waste, et. al. 

ScaleQ Loadout systems can be configured to operate with truck scales or weigh hoppers that features a digital output of scale weight, and supports automated control of traffic lights and digital video image & signature capture.  Optional audio-visual intercoms and Remote Ticket Printers or E-mail ticketing assure clear communications between scale operators and drives, without the delays of entering the scale house, and the risks of direct interaction.  In high volume facilities, one can establish one unattended scale for company vehicles or regular customers an attended scale for cash customers or infrequent visitors, thereby speeding up the weighing process for high value customers. 

ILS’ optional Order Dispatch Central software integrates with the ScaleQ database, permitting personnel to enter orders against existing jobs, and assign trucks to that order, elevating the efficiency and accuracy of the weighing process; one more way in which ILS helps improve your productivity and profitability. 

ScaleQ is supplied with a suite of standard, industry-specific reports providing you with detailed and summary data on Customers, Jobs, Haulers, Trucks and Materials.  The optional ILS Report Design package provides a quick and simple way to design custom reports on any table or field in the ScaleQ database, including user-defined fields. Reports can be printed, saved in various digital formats (including PDF, HTML, CSV, XLSX, and more), or sent via e-mail. 

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