April 12, 2022 1 min read

Radio Frequency Identification for high volume operations. 

Transcore RFID Tags

Moving as much material through as quickly as possible is a must to increase throughput and profits. 

  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Tags are factory-programmed tags with an effective read range of up to 15’.   
  • RFID Tags have a unique Identification Code which is registered to the vehicle in the RF ID field of the ScaleQ Truck Record. 
  • Radio Frequency Identification is best suited for clients with a captive fleet of vehicles or a customer base comprising frequently returning vehicles.   
  • RFID Tags come in different configurations, including fixed-mount transportation tags and windshield/dashboard tags.  The most common format for industrial weighing applications is the Transportation Tag, which is designed to be bolted or riveted to the vehicle to ensure proper, reliable reads. Transportation tags are extremely durable in any climate.  Transportation Tags are energized by the RF Tag Reader’s signal, and do not require batteries. 
  • During the weighing process drivers board the scale and the RF Tag Reader automatically scans the RFID Tag and ScaleQ ticketing system will search the database for the correct vehicle record and use the data on file to begin the transaction. As described for Barcode and Proximity AVI, pre-defined transaction data can be used to complete the transaction quickly and accurately. 

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