Our History

More than three decades ago, Elie Sneward and Jack McDaniel, veterans at Thurman Scale, had a vision of using computers and electronics in the weighing industry for data collection and business management. Seizing the moment in 1986, they founded Interface Logic Systems.

"Jack and I brought along Charlie Libicki and Sharon Mathews from Thurman, as part of the original team," says Elie. "It was a lot of hard work to build the company."

The company's first focus was customized heavy capacity scale software, initially marketing to coal mining and preparation

"One of the advantages over the competition was our ability to customize the software to do things differently for each client," Elie recalls. "You might have five or six aggregate companies located in the same geographical area and each one would do business differently. We became known for customization done quickly. We even did some customized software in Chinese for a client in Hong Kong."

ILS was the first vendor to introduce RFID unattended weighing to the industry.

"One client wanted to run at night," Elie remembers. "So we put a tag on a vechicle and they started weighing unattended as a test. We started with card readers at Peabody Coal in five locations. A vice president called and said he was losing a lot of coal because of the way drivers were swiping cards. We proposed RFID to automate the process and the losses stopped. From that, we started to implement site access control at night, thus we could establish which truck would arrive at what time."

Elie is semi-retired; Charlie and Sharon are still part of ILS today, 32 years later.

In 2006, a group of employees acquired ILS from the founders.

ILS today is comprised of industry professionals with more than a century's experience in the business, whose objective is to ensure that the customers' goals are met on a budget, on time, every time.

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