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Weighing Industry Solutions For Aggregates | Asphalt

Weighing industry solutions for aggregates and asphalt. 

aggregates and asphalt industries

ScaleQ software applications include customers in the aggregate and asphalt industries, including asphalt and concrete reprocessing facilities as well as quarries. While many have attended weigh stations, a number also use unattended scales with their own trucks or those of valued customers. By pre-assigning data, these trucks are able to bypass attended scales to use unattended scales, making weigh-ins and weigh-outs faster because they do not have to wait behind attended customers. This maximizes productivity for 80 percent of yard’s business while also accommodating transient customers.

ScaleQ weighing industry solutions focus on the aggregate and asphalt sectors with loadout control. To support this, ILS supplies remote data terminals, RFID readers, remote ticket printers, traffic lights, loadout control interfaces, signature capture, vehicle positioning photocells and video. ILS provides a total solution for accurate weighing and fraud protection while making the plant as efficient as it can be.

One of our solution specialist is glad to help you determine what weighing industry solution for aggregate operations is needed.