Wireless Access Point | Best Defense To Combat Lightning

August 01, 2018

A wireless access point is your best defense to combat lightning strikes. 

wireless access point to combat lightening

Your scale hardware could be at risk from lightning storms. To reduce the risk of damage a lightning strike causes, wireless communications is your best bet. Lightning strikes cause massive power surges. These power surges can wreak havoc on sensitive equipment, especially computers. Without protection the surge can travel to your electronics.  Not only is it costly to replace your equipment but your downtime can be costly and bring business to a halt. Direct or indirect lightning strikes can cause loss of data, equipment and business downtime. 

There is no sure-fire way to prevent damage from lightning, but a wireless access point is a cost-effective way to reduce the possibility of damage to your equipment. A lightning rod can be used to attract lightening away from your antenna or devices. An antenna is usually susceptible since it mounted higher to get the best connection possible. When your antenna or device is hit by lightning the current will travel the shortest path leaving your sensitive electronics at risk. Installing a wireless access point along that path can keep the current from damaging your networking equipment. 

With ScaleQ office software your data is safe.  

ScaleQ Office Administration Software can be set up to automatically synchronize your data from the scale PC to another location. In the event of system damage, you can rest assured, knowing your data is secured and you will be back up and running in no time. All ILS software packages, from ScaleQ Express to ScaleQ Exclusive are supplied with the ScaleQ Manager program, which features a system backup utility.  Periodically backing up the ScaleQ folder and database ensures that your information is in good hands.  You can also store your data in a cloud-based serve. An ILS technician can help you set this up. 

Wireless access point is ideal for office networking systems. 

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