Why ScaleQ Scale System Software?

July 17, 2018

Truck scale system software at your fingertips.

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Interface Logic systems' line of weighing management and control scale system is designed to make your scale house a revenue center. The user-friendly, quickly-mastered interface speeds up the weighing process. We know it is important to move trucks through as quickly as possible. We recognize the more trucks you can move through the driver can be on their way and your productivity and profitability increases. 

The detailed SQL database links scale related information with commercial data, creating a detailed record. All file and field labels may be created to allow you to track data in ways that are meaningful to your business. 

ScaleQ scale system software supports standard and custom pricing structures.  Relieving the operator from having to make pricing decisions on the fly. Both charge and cash transactions are supported, providing you with a detailed record of all charges, taxes and fees, as well as amounts paid and balances due. More than a simple ticket system, ScaleQ scale system software is a fully-featured data management system for your scale house and office. 

Powerful tools at your fingertips. 

The ScaleQ report program includes a powerful, yet easy to use tool to access and analyze the data collected by the scale system software. All of the information in the ScaleQ database is available for reporting. 

Based in Columbus, Ohio, ILS supports customers across North America and abroad. We are committed to service for the life of your scale system. We provide scale system solutions for clients ranging from single-site, independent operations to multi-scale, multi-location organizations in the public and private sectors. Our mission is to design, develop and deliver customer-oriented scale system solutions to improve your productivity, profitability, security, accuracy and reliability. 

Schedule a demo and see how ILS' scale system software can help increase your productivity. 

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