Landfill Waste Management Software For Solid Waste Weighing Industry

August 09, 2018 2 min read

Landfill waste management software solutions to keep your business running smoothly. 

landfill waste management software

ILS ScaleQ Scale Management Systems can be found in Landfills, Transfer Stations and Recycling Centers across the United States.  In small, single-site facilites and large, multiple site enterprises in both commercial and public sectors, ScaleQ Systems streamline scale house operations for speed, efficiency and accuracy and can track solid waste above and below the ground at landfills and transfer stations.  The majority of these are attended stations in the commercial and municipal sectors where material is received with resulting financial transactions. Unattended weighing is also used to reduce traffic congestion and delays at high volume facilities, allowing regular, frequent haulers to bypass transient or cash customers or those with special requirements.  Unattended weighing is particularly useful for transfer stations which limit access to those regular haulers who return frequently.

ScaleQ landfill waste management software can track what waste has been received, from whom (by generator and source) and where in the facility it is dumped, above or below ground.  Grid tracking allows operators to identify the location within the landfill for a specific load of waste, or   

One of ILS’s specialties is consolidation of operations where weighing is conducted at satellite transfer stations and automatically relayed to the central facility so no weigh-in is required at the landfill.

We meet regulatory requirements to keep your business operating.

ILS helps its clients to adhere to Environmental Protection Agency and other regulatory requirements by tracking daily allowances and managing sampling and subsequent reporting.

The number one goal with our waste management software is to help you keep running by maximizing your profitability and productivity. Our scale management software provides record keeping, ticketing, data transfer and reporting tools at your fingertips.  

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