Weighing With ScaleQ Weighing Software

February 06, 2019 2 min read

ScaleQ is designed to weigh trucks quickly, easily and accurately.

ScaleQ screenshot

A common scale house workflow is two-pass weighing, where a truck is weighed entering the yard and then again leaving the yard. The difference between the two weights triggers the business transaction. The process is the same whether a truck is entering the yard empty or loaded. The point is to capture a net weight that when applied to a material results in a charge or a payment to the customer. 

When the scale is empty, the scale toolbar will show no weight. When the truck mounts the scale and the weight passes the minimum threshold, the weight is
displayed and the scale tab changes to allow the operator to enter the truck's code.If the operator knows the truck's code, it may be typed into the box. As the operator types, the system will try to auto-complete the code, so the operator may not need to type the whole code. If the truck's code is not known, the operator can double click inside the box to open a list of trucks on file. Alternatively, the operator can press the F2 key to open a list of trucks on file. From the list, the operator selects a truck so it is highlighted in blue. To accept the selection, the operator can then double click on the entry or press the enter key.

Quick tips when using ScaleQ

Add records on the fly. To facilitate the weighing process, ScaleQ allows operators to create new records directly from the Weigh screen, without having to go to the Files screen and then to return to the Weigh screen. This can be done with scale or manual weighing, or quantity ticketing.

Use quick keys. For speedy data entry during any weighing operation, the operator can use the up/down scroll keys. When the cursor is in a dialog in a
data entry field for which there is a list, instead of double clicking to open the list, simply press the up or down cursor key to scroll through the codes without opening the list. To return to the previous screen during a weighing operation, just click on the Back arrow in the main toolbar.

Ask us about the easily mastered features in ScaleQ. 

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