Truck Scale Ticketing Software With Your Business In Mind

February 13, 2019

Simplified truck scale ticketing software with the sophistication your business needs.

truck scale software

Scale ticketing software provides a better way to handle how you operate your business. Improve accuracy, keep up with industry standards and collect your data in one place. Run reports, access tickets and print tickets based on your business needs. 

You can access tickets by choosing it from the navigation sidebar in the scale program. You can also access ticket and view menu bar. When the view is opened initially, it will go to the last active ticket. Tickets view allows the user to reprint, edit, inspect the ticket and void or un-void tickets. Tickets may be filtered by site, date or number.

One special feature within tickets is batch changes. This allows truck scale operations to make a change to many records at once. Batch changes is accessed from the file menu (Ticket>Batch Changes).

Sometimes, it's necessary to have a gap in the ticket numbering series, and then to fill in the gap later. For example, the scale system may have been down and transaction information may have been written on paper. Afterward, when the scale system is working, the tickets can be handled manually using the numbers in the skip sequence. The ticket skip gap is set up in manager. The scale operator enters tickets for the gap using manual weighing. Skipped tickets can be entered at the same time as attended weighing because the operator can switch between the two.

You decide how to print tickets. 

ScaleQ Scale Management software is compatible with many different types of printers, Including OKI Dot Matrix (with caveats), Laser/Desk Jet and Thermal Printers. You have the ability to print as many copies of tickets to as many printers as you would need. Generate detailed scale tickets as your business sees fit. Our ScaleQ software permits assignment of ticket quantity by customer, job or other criteria. 

Simple-to-use truck scale ticketing software that supports efficient high-volume weighing and ticketing even at the busiest scale house. 

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