How to Improve Your Security With Gatekeeper Access Control System

January 30, 2019 2 min read

When restricted access is required Gatekeeper access control system gets the job done. 

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Software designed for commercial, industrial, and residential gated facilities when security matters. ILS' Gatekeeper access control system allows you to have security in place 24 hours a day. Gatekeeper is a reliable way to secure your job site, or community. ILS' access control system interfaces with each gate mechanism, automatically opening the gate when an authorized vehicle is identified.

Each controlled gate is graphically represented within the ILS program, showing its current status. The system operator may override the RFID system to manually open and close gates as necessary. Gatekeeper also permits multiple fixed times, on a daily basis, for automatic opening and closing of specific gates. This can be set to open gates for morning and evening rush hours, shift changes, or scheduled delivery times when using the system at job sites for example. Setting and reviewing the schedule is quick and simple. 

Options for access control security. 

Optionally, access control software and hardware can be implemented to provide automated control of facility entrance and departure gates.

Upon identification, the vehicle’s record in the Gatekeeper database will be queried to determine if that vehicle is authorized for entry (or departure) at that time. If the vehicle has access authorization Gatekeeper will provide a signal to a Gate Control Interface, which will, in turn, provides an output to the gate operator.  System operators or administrators may selectively disable entry for specific vehicles without removing the vehicle’s record in the database.

An attendant is not required for Gatekeeper access control system to operate. Many of our weigh scale customers want to extend yard hours at unattended scales without adding to the payroll. Gatekeeper is designed to limit which trucks are allowed into the yard after hours. The Gatekeeper access control system checks them in and then triggers the gate to open. Further security designates which gates can be opened after hours, including the assignment of vehicles to gates to enforce protection by managing access to, and within the yard. 

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