Weighing In ScaleQ | Quantity Weighing Function

April 04, 2019 2 min read

We understand sometimes material needs quantified rather than weighed. 

At times materials sold are not necessary weighed. Instead they need quantified, such as bags of cement or equipment rental. In this case the quantity is used. Control Q is the keyboard shortcut to start the transaction. 

Although ScaleQ is a scale application, sometimes a ticket is needed for items that are not weighed. For example, a landfill may deal mostly in bulk waste, but occasionally take tires or old appliances. Those items are charged by count rather than weight. Another example is that a scale house may deal with charges charges like equipment rental. A quantity transaction can be added to a bulk weighing transaction by clicking the add item icon in the toolbar. To start a quantity ticket, choose ticket > quantity or press Ctrl + Q. The manual weighing screen will appear with "no weights, quantities only" already selected. The workflow then is the same as quantity only in manual weighing. 

quantity weighing

With "no weights, quantities only" selected as the mode, the truck number is entered. Note that the weight fields are grayed out, but the date and time fields can be changed. Click next to open the detail screen for entering materials and quantities. Truck information can be changed as required. 

quantity weighing

Enter the materials and quantities. line item total and the total charge are automatically calculated. With the cursor in a material cell, double click or the press F2 key to open a list of materials. Highlight a material and double click or press enter accept the choice. The operator may also type in the materials code if it is known. Press the tab key to move across the row to the quantity column to enter the number of units. Press the tab again to move to the next row. If more than 4 rows are needed, when the tab key is pressed at the end of the fourth row a fifth row will be created with a scroll bar. Repeat as needed. Click finish to complete the transaction. 

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