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December 05, 2018

Truck scale automation dispatch has been revolutionized.

order entry dispatch software

What was once a tedious and time-consuming task can be integrated into ILS’ Scale Management and optional Order Entry Systems making your day run smoother. Vehicle dispatch software module eliminates redundant data entry and enhances productivity and profitability. Using AutoDispatch, the task and responsibility of truck assignments can even be transferred to your clients or haulers.  

Within the scale program Vehicle Dispatch is as simple as opening the utility, making a selection from the list of open orders and entering the Truck Code.  Selected trucks are listed on screen for quick reference and the Truck File can be browsed if necessary.  When all trucks have been assigned, the scale operator or dispatcher presses “Assign” and can proceed with the next order.  Orders may be viewed, edited or printed without leaving the Dispatch Window.  When the assigned vehicle arrives at the scale, the appropriate Work Order, including Customer, Job & Material data is automatically assigned, streamlining the weighing process and improving accuracy.

ScaleQ software supports the entry of Sales Orders for future shipments.   Authorized operators (or a sales clerk, using ILS Office Administration Software) can establish orders for specific amounts of specified materials, either derived from or independent of open customer jobs. Orders are quickly created, referencing Customer, Location and Job.  Quotas may be established for each material, specifying special pricing, number of tons and/or number of loads.  As material is shipped against an active order, the operator enters the Truck Number and Order Number. Data relevant to the order (Customer Code, Job Code, etc.) are retrieved and applied to the transaction.  Any special pricing, haul charges, tax etc. will be applied and the amount shipped will be decremented from the balance remaining.  Once the requested number of loads or tons has been reached, the order will be closed. 

ScaleQ optional Vehicle Dispatch Function is designed to complement the Order Entry functions to permit an integrated method for assigning existing Sales Orders to specific vehicles.  One or more trucks may be assigned to service each order.  After entering the truck code the operator is prompted to enter the order number to be serviced by the transaction.  The first order to which the vehicle has been dispatched will be presented as default.  If the truck is assigned to more than one open order, they may be selected from a drop-down list.  Once the order has been selected all necessary data, including Customer, Job, Material, etc., is derived from the order file. 

When Job Order entry is combined with the optional Vehicle Dispatch function, ScaleQ becomes a powerful management tool, helping to improve the productivity and profitability of your operations.  Please feel free to contact us for additional information on how ILS can help you.  

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