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November 26, 2018 1 min read

Three quick tips to maximize your profit in the bulk weighing industry. 

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ILS' bulk weighing industry software enables simplified, accurate and efficient scale operations without sacrificing the sophistication of detailed data collection. With many years of experience in the bulk weigh industry we have implemented software that is easy to navigate and maximizes efficiency for day to day operations. 

3 Ways to Improve Your Profit

  1. Protect against fraud. Our weighing management and control systems offer a broad variety of tools that protect against fraud and error. No Trans scale monitoring writes a record each time the weight on the scale increases without a ticket. Digital signature capture and video image capture provides an enduring record, referenced to each transaction. There is an audit feature that tracks edited tickets and voided tickets. 
  2. Track and report on data. Reports is a powerful tool for operators, financial and administrative personnel. Authorized users can design, run and control access to detail or summary reports. You can report on trending material based on date range reporting. This will help you forecast sales for the next year or months. 
  3. Faster ticketing. On average handwritten tickets take about 2-5 minutes. The average speed using ILS ScaleQ software is 15-30 seconds per transaction. The user-friendly interface speeds up the weighing process for the operators allowing them to get trucks through at a faster rate. 
Ask us how we can help maximize your profit in the bulk weighing industry.

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