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December 12, 2018 2 min read

Scale management invoicing software module allows clients to generate periodic invoices. 

You can generate a specified time range for your invoicing and billing needs. For each billing period, printed invoices are generated. If an optional Custom A/R Export has been defined, this will be the final step in the Invoicing routine. Customers are handled in separate cycles (Daily, Weekly or Monthly) depending on their billing period assignment in the Customer file. A table in the database keeps track of which tickets have been invoiced and in which billing cycle, along with the associated invoice number. 

The workflow process makes validating ticket information simple. 

Prior to running invoices, the personnel may run a number of summary or detail reports to validate the ticket information. All other components of the billing cycle are handled from a single screen, although once the candidate tickets have been collected, the different components may be run separately. 

  1. Choose the billing cycle. This is done by selecting the last date of the billing cycle and selecting whether it will be for regular or bimonthly customers. The beginning invoice number for the cycle is also confirmed in this step.
  2. The system collects all tickets which will go into this billing cycle. (There is no need to “lock” these tickets as having been billed, since they are associated with a particular billing cycle in this step.)
  3. If so selected, printed invoices are generated based on this list. At the time of printing, a due date may be entered that will appear on the invoice footer.
  4. Custom exports to third-party accounting software are optionally available. If one has been provided a third check box to request the creation of an invoice export file will appear.  If so selected, the CSV export file to the accounting software will be generated based on the list.

Optionally, invoices may be “printed” to individual PDF files for digital delivery to customers, reducing the payment cycle time.

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