Truck Scale Ticketing Software | Track Your Data And Make A Profit

July 29, 2019 1 min read

Truck scale ticketing software that increases your bottom line. 

truck scale ticketing reports

Track your data and make a profit with ScaleQ truck scale ticketing software. One of our greatest tools is the ability to run comprehensive reports on your data. Our reports module beats the competition hands down. With QReport, any field of any table in the database can be reported on for management, inventory and financial information. You can sort, group and select on any field and link from one table to another, based on the linkages already set up in the database.

QReport, the fully integrated ScaleQ report generator, mines the transaction history for management information that can help you run your business smartly. QReport is supplied as a standard with every system, Express, Foundation and Exclusive.

A wizard simplifies designing reports, whether they are quick daily summaries or more complex quarterly or yearly trending reports to help you identify your best customers and top-selling products. Reports can be run on demand or scheduled for after-hours output.

Track your data and make a profit. 

Knowing your data will ensure you make a profit. Once you have the tools needed in your hands you can control your profit and loss.  If you do not know your real costs you could be losing money. Knowing your cost and the ability to be able to tracking your data is key to success. 

ScaleQ report is the most useful and flexible utility tool around. Our customers have praised our reporting tool as a powerful must-have tool. Powerful features and resources with ScaleQ report enhance the productivity and profitability of the scale house.

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