Truck Scale Ticketing Made Easy | Simplified Navigation

September 18, 2018

Truck scale ticketing system more flexible than ever. 

truck scale ticketing navigation bar

At Interface Logic Systems' we provide weighing management software that is easy to navigate and maximizes efficiency for day to day operations. ScaleQ uses what is called a sidebar to navigate through its various functions. By selecting a set of functions, the corresponding view is opened in the ScaleQ truck scale ticketing software. While each view has the same look and feel, slightly different toolbars and menus are shown according to the tasks to be performed. 

We have simplified truck scale ticketing with an easy to use navigation bar.

Navigation is simplified by the use of a side bar, which is docked on the left side of the ScaleQ window. This allows users to move back and forth between the pages of ticketing, truck entry, ticket data entry, accepting cash and more without abandoning a transaction in progress. There is an explicit "finish" button for ticketing that you can click on to complete your ticket. 

The sidebar can be set to auto-open when the cursor is rolled over the tab. Alternatively, it can be set so the user must click on the tab to open it. The difference is what the user prefers. Tickets and payment can accessed without using the sidebar. As a shortcut, they are also found under Tickets>Payment and Tickets>Report in the Windows menu. 

Operators may run reports directly from the scale program, without having to open a separate report program. In addition to a greater efficiency, this provides greater security, limiting the actual report design functions to those whom are authorized to access the program. 

Let us show you a demo today! Call us or fill out our quick form and get started. Ease of navigation is just one of the features and benefits in our truck scale ticketing program. 

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