ScaleQ Scale Software | User Defined Fields And Text Entry Features

September 11, 2018

ScaleQ scale software provides a function called Extensions. 

scale software features

Extensions allow an ILS customer to capture and use data that is specific to their business requirements. ScaleQ allows authorized users to create user-defined category and text-entry fields for the Master Files (Customer,  Material, Job, Hauler Truck, etc.).  For example, one can create categories to designate between Private, Commercial or Governmental customer types; or Single-, Dual- or Tri-Axle trucks.

User-defined fields are quick and simple to create. Simply navigate to the ScaleQ Package View, select the file you want to create fields for, right-click on the first available user-field, provide a Label and define your categories.  Once you have clicked “Okay” to save your entries, the file view will contain a new “Extensions” tab. You can optionally assign a category to each record. 

User-defined Text Fields may be used to track G/L Account numbers, Contract numbers, etc.

Category and Text Fields are available to ScaleQ Reports and may be used to select, filter, sort and group records when reporting, making data analysis both easier and more powerful. 

ILS provides online, phone and on-site support for all its customers.Ask us about more features like these. Scale software built around your business. 

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