Scale System Security And Fraud Protection

September 25, 2018

Scale system security is vital for your business. 

scale system security

Over the years we have addressed many concerns clients may have keeping their business secure and protected from fraud. ILS started over thirty years ago. Over the years we've dealt with a wide variety of security concerns. ILS' scale system software protects against fraud. Our software is designed to secure your operation. 

Access to the database as well to software modules and functionality are password protected. 

For improved security, password complexity may be enforced. You have the ability to set the minimum number of characters (letters and numbers) for a users password. You can set the number of days until a password expires. You are in control of how you set up user groups. 

Whichever software package you pick you have access to manager tools that allow you to be in control of your business and security. The ScaleQ manager program features a user or group strategy allowing system administrators to establish user groups, assigning the appropriate permissions for each user or group. Each registered user is assigned to one of these groups. Administrators can establish as many groups as necessary to control accessibility. If necessary there may be a group of only one person. 

No trans scale monitoring writes a record each time the weight on the scale increased without a ticket. Within the reports program you can quickly see what is going on with daily operations. 

With the use of signature capture and video image capture a permanent record is referenced to each transaction. Your yard operations can be monitored with video image capture securing your business. Security for your business information and your yard continues to evolve as regulatory mandates expand.

Your scale system operation can be easily monitored with video image capture, digital signature pads and scale activity checking. 

For additional security ILS LockPick is an optional, advanced security utility which permits administrators to set group-based restrictions on an field or any file, as well as any function available from the tool bar or main menu as well as some pop-up menus.  

Protect your scale house with scale system securtiy features that guards your operation. 

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