System Errors | Weighing With ScaleQ

July 09, 2020 1 min read

System errors occur when either software of hardware suffers a fault. 

A software fault happens when the application malfunctions; a hardware fault is when something is wrong with a device.

Software malfunction: The most significant error is when the software "crashes". When this happens, the operator will see the following dialog:


While it is fresh in the operator's memory, in the problem description dialog please detail what was being done and the steps leading up to the crash. This is useful in troubleshooting the issue. Let ILS know whatever special circumstances might have preceded or accompanied this error so ILS can try to reproduce it. 

When ScaleQ is restarted, a message will be shown to email the trouble report to ILS. If the OK button is clicked, the report will be sent using the local workstation's email program. If the cancel button is clicked a second message will be displayed about sending the report later. 

Process queue full error.
The second most significant error is the so-called “Process queue full” error:

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