Scale Ticketing Software App Keeps Traffic Flowing

July 15, 2020 1 min read

Scale ticketing software mobile apps keeps traffic flowing. 

scale ticketing mobile app

Quickening the pace of site access and reducing scale traffic increases your profit and productivity. Whether you use an iOS or Android device we have you covered. Our mobile yard app increases the flow of traffic so you can get trucks checked in quicker and more efficient. The mobile app pre-populates truck information prior to the truck boarding the scale. With the app you can change material information while the truck is in the yard. It can be used away from the scale house as long as it is on the same network and not too far away, e.g. in a loader to change material for that truck or add a fee incurred in the yard. Mobile check in of vehicles allows you to add load information when there is a long line of trucks reducing wait time and time on the scale.  

  • Handheld Check-In of Trucks
  • Less Wait Time
  • Less Time on the Scale
  • iOS & Android 

Weighing made easy with ILS' Yard iQ

Getting trucks through the line has never been easier. Use ILS' Yard iQ app and check trucks in with ease. Your customers will appreciate less wait time and getting back on the road quicker. Check-in on iOS or Android devices.  

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