Truck Scale Ticketing Software | No Internet No Problem

July 23, 2020 1 min read

Need truck scale ticketing software and you have no internet?

truck scale ticketing with no internet

No problem. ScaleQ scale ticketing software is just what you need. We understand some locations are in remote areas where reliable internet isn't possible. Your data can be stored on your local computer or another computer on your network. 

Many other scale ticketing software companies require internet. ILS' ScaleQ does not require internet. Using Microsoft Windows, a detailed SQL database structure tracks all the information you require for Customer, Jobs, Quotas, Haulers and Materials.

In addition, Catalog Pricing will provide the ability to maintain multiple price lists that can be assigned to multiple customers or be designed for a single job, as your workflow demands. With the ability to replicate files, you can establish a template Price Catalog that can be copied and then tailored for your customers and jobs.

You are in charge of security with a variety of tools to protect against fraud and error. Some features and functions include stored tare weights, cash transactions, customer and job discounts, manual tickets, ticket editing, voiding and un-voiding. Report printing from ScaleQ program is easy. Ticket software includes a manager program (permissions, export, import, clear, etc) and HASP protection and permissions. 

We have solutions for your truck scale ticketing needs. 

truck scale ticketing software chart


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