ScaleQ Scale Ticketing System Offers Enhanced Flexibility With Manager Program

September 04, 2018 2 min read

A scale ticketing system with a wide variety of manager features and benefits. 

scale ticketing system manager program

ScaleQ version 2.0 offers a host of manager features and benefits. Our latest version of scale ticketing software that has been enriched and more flexible than ever. We have enhanced the power and sophistication while maintaining the efficiency of a user-friendly, intuitive interface. 

The ScaleQ manager program maintains operator logins and permissions in an easy to understand way so it simplifies administration tasks. Database maintenance functions are also covered. The manager program features a permissions strategy allowing administrators to establish user groups. Within the different user groups you can assign appropriate permissions for each group you have created. Each registered user is assigned to of these groups. Permissions are more defined, allowing greater definition of functionality for different user groups. For example, Administrators would be granted greater access than operators. Temporary workers can be limited to basic weighing only. 

Scale ticketing system, manager program allowing you to be in control. 

Administrators can establish as many user groups as necessary to control accessibility. You can even create a group of one if need be. Optional advanced security features permit administrators to set group-based restrictions on any field or file, and any function available from the tool bar or main menu, including some pop-up menus. 

We at Interface Logic Systems believe you will find ScaleQ software the most friendly, capable and flexible solution available. At hundreds of sites across the nation and overseas, ILS has provided systems and solutions for the weighing industry for over thirty years. Applications include coal mining, solid waste, sand and gravel, asphalt, wood yard, recycling, scrapyard and agriculture. In each case, exacting adherence to weighing requirements is combined with standard computer hardware and an intuitive interface that is easy to learn and efficient to use.

Contact us for a demo of our ScaleQ scale ticketing system. 

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