Message View | Weighing With ScaleQ

October 09, 2019 1 min read

The messages tab displays error and notification messages associated with the selected file.

The above imagine is an example of the message view.

The first column is the error type, or severity. The types are:

  • "Error" means that the system will not let the transaction or posting go through. 
  • "Warning" means that the operator may decide to let the transaction proceed, despite the problem. 
  • "Notification" displays a message for the operator to view and acknowledge; the transaction will go through in any case. 
  • "Status" puts the message on the status bar of the main window, and the operator does not have to acknowledge it. 

The second column is the message the operator sees, with the corresponding file highlighted. Some messages are simple, such as "insurance has expired." Others have placeholders, such as "insurance expires on & truck's insurance." The system will look up the insurance expiration date in the truck file and if for example, it is 12/31/2010, it will report "insurance expires on 12/21/2010." 

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