Forms View | Weighing With ScaleQ

October 02, 2019 1 min read

Forms are used by the system for ticket data entry, ticket and log printing, data viewing and communications. 

 Forms layout is defined in XMF files, one file per from. The first column is the destination for the form. A data entry screen goes to the display, a ticket goes to the printer, etc. The second column shows the count, which is how many copies of a ticket will be printed. This may a number or an expression that refers to a number set in a master file record. For an example, a customer master file record may set the number of tickets to print at 3. The third column shows which form will be selected under what circumstance. Notice that the form names are in blue and underlined, indicating a hot link. If the link is clicked, after an information message, the system will open the file in a text editor. 

WARNING: The XML file can be modified in the text editor. If the file is changed so ScaleQ can no longer make sense of it, ScaleQ will not launch. Instead, it will show which XML files have errors, and, as well as it can, what the problems are. 

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