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Default Values View | Weighing With ScaleQ

October 16, 2019

The default values view is a dialog in the database where users with permission are able to make changes. 

Default values are the standard values that can be set here to be used when new records are created. For example, the default might be to print two tickets for each transaction. Default values can also help keep data consistent. These can be changes by the operator during weighing and ticketing. 
Default values are the standard values that can be set here to be used when new records are created.

The form that is displayed is different for each master file. For example, the customer file default form, shown above requires different information than the materials form, shown below. 

To fill in default values:

  • Select a file for which default values need to be entered. 
  • Fill in the values. When the values are changed, a thumbprint will appear in the upper right corner of the screen indicating the changes need to be saved. 
  • Click the save button at the lower right in the pane. These values will then be used when a new record is created. 

For example, in screenshot above, the default values that have been set for new customer records are:

  • Catalog is the base catalog
  • Tax code is Y for taxable 
  • Freight is freight rate #2
  • Default number of tickets to be printed is 2

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