How Do You Choose The Best Automated Material Loadout System?

August 14, 2018 2 min read

ILS provides custom solutions to enhance your automated material loadout operation. 

automated material loadout system

Interface Logic Systems’ offers automated material loadout control functions to improve the speed, accuracy and efficiency of bulk material shipping operations. Loadout Weighing, whether on a platform scale or weigh-hopper, is fast and simple. Upon boarding the scale the operator enters the Truck Code (or, optionally, the Truck Number is captured from an RF ID Tag Or Barcode Card).

The operator is then presented with a facsimile ticket including all data that is either assigned within the Truck Record or corresponds with the truck’s last visit, including Customer, Job, Material and Requested Net Weight. Data may be changed at this time. When the operator accepts the transaction data, ScaleQ software opens a loadout status screen, showing the silo & weight hopper or vehicle, depending on the application.

ScaleQ software also supports weighing and ticketing of vehicle being loaded off-scale. Trucks will board the scale and the operator will enter the Truck Code and other data, however will leave the Requested Net Weight at zero. The truck’s empty weight will be captured and a partial transaction consisting of Truck Code, Time, Date and Inbound Weight will be posted to the yard file.

The truck will then proceed into the facility for remote loading. After loading, the truck returns to the scale. The inbound record is and the outbound weight is derived from the scale. The operator accepts the data, the ticket is printed and the transaction is posted to the Transaction File.

We offer automated material hardware and software solutions that are fully integrated with your ScaleQ management system. Our automated material loadout system provides visual graphic displays indicating gate, silo, hopper and load status making our system fast and simple. Loadout control may be interfaced with either a motor truck platform or suspended hopper scales. ScaleQ loadout control interface connects or operates to control silo and weigh hopper discharge gates. We can you also interface ScaleQ with belt scale and bin-level indicators to monitor silo inventory. Our automated material loadout system is designed for safety. With ILS ScaleQ you can improve accuracy and efficiency of bulk material loading operations.

Our automated material loadout systems provide operators with clear, intuitive graphic displays. We can customize ScaleQ loadout control software to meet your specific requirements.

Proven in the field and across the country for years.

We provide a full line or software and hardware products to facilitate your plant and office operations. Contact us for a consultation and we can work together to provide an automated material loadout system that is right for your operation needs.

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