Weighing Systems For The Scale Dealer

January 25, 2019

Truck scale weighing systems for the scale dealer provides added income opportunities. 

truck scale

We have worked with scale companies for decades providing quality weighing systems. ILS' scale management and control systems help maximize productivity and profitability for the end user, and to provide new sales opportunities and revenue to the scale dealer. 

Interface Logic Systems provides a full line of software and hardware products to facilitate yard and office operations. 

ScaleQ weighing management software is offered in three different tiers to assist you in purchasing only as much as you need.You don't have to get a . As your business needs grow we can upgrade your weighing management software at anytime.

  • ScaleQ Express is an entry-level ticketing and data collection program offering pre-configured setting for a very quick installation and speed of use.
  • ScaleQ Foundation is our full-featured version of the ScaleQ line, offering user-configurability and options for personalizing the application, limiting the need for customization.
  • ScaleQ Exclusive is designed for every application-specific operations fully customizable for the more unique requirements, especially for enterprise customers. 

Software and hardware solutions.

We offer software and hardware solutions for ticketing, reporting, data management for bulk weighing for aggregate, asphalt, recycling and waste management industries are some of the features our in house software provides services for.

We offer hardware equipment and accessories for all sizes of weighing management operations. Our team can install the hardware and software needed to make bulk weighing seamless. Our remote data terminal is built in house. It is an insert type barcode scanner, numeric keypad with a scrolling LCD display permitting unattended operation or data entry from remote scale platforms. 

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