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July 17, 2019

Each catalog may be considered a price list. 

Catalogs may contain records of one or more materials (listed in the materials file). Special pricing, that is, prices other than those assigned within the material record can be established in the catalog file. Catalogs may represent contracted pricing established for a specific customer, class of customer, job, etc.. 

To build a catalog, the materials the yard sells or buys should first be listed in the materials file. This is done so the listed materials can be added to the catalog. It is also possible to add materials on the fly while working in catalog. In this way, one list of materials can be used in many different catalogs. Each catalog can be targeted toward different type of customers. For example, you can have a base catalog, a catalog for landscapers and builders, a catalog for government and a catalog for transient customers. The same material can have a different price in each catalog. For example, screened topsoil may be priced at $15 for landscapers and builders, priced at $10 for government, and priced $20 for transient customers. Not all materials need to be listed in all catalogs. For example, topsoil might be listed in every catalog, but recycled asphalt might be listed only in a catalog for builders and pavers. 

To create a catalog:

In the catalog view, click the add button.

Give the catalog an easy to remember code and a name.

Select the notes tab and enter any notes about the catalog. Click save. Select the price tab to being entering materials for the catalog. Each record represents a specific material assigned to the catalog. 

Click add to open a dialog to add a material. You can double click the material box to open a list of materials. Double click on a material to add it. Alternatively, if you know the material is not in the list and want to add it on the fly, right click and select add/edit>material. Set up a unit and minimum price. Click save. Repeat for more materials as needed. 

The catalog may now be used in weighing.

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