Weighing With ScaleQ | Storing Tare Weight Workflow

March 06, 2019 1 min read

The workflow for storing a tare weight is similar to weighing in a truck. 

tare weight screen shot

A new tare weight for a truck may need to be saved. This can be triggered by the trucks' old tare expiring. When the truck enters the yard with an expired tare, the system will notify the operator that a new tare is required. When the scale is empty, the scale toolbar located at the top of the screen will show no weight. When the truck is on the scale, the weight is shown at the upper right. The operator enters the truck code in the box.

Note that the buttons at the lower right continue to process.

When the truck mounts the scale and the weight passes the minimum threshold, the weight is displayed and the scale tab changes to allow the operator to enter the trucks's code. If the operator knows the truck code, it may be typed into the box. If the operator does not know the truck code, the operator can double click inside the box to open a list of trucks on file. Alternatively, the operator can the press F2 key to open a list of trucks on file. From the list, the operator selects a truck so it is highlighted in blue. To accept the selection, the operator can double click on the entry or pres the enter key. The operator then clicks the tare button. The new tare weight is stored as part of the truck's record. 

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