March 15, 2022 1 min read

Wiring traffic signals for automated traffic light control system. 

Truck Scale Automated Traffic Light Signal

Today, Tim is in the workshop configuring traffic signals for a bi-directional scale with entry and exit lights. The ILS Traffic Light Control Interface allows the ScaleQ Software to automatically control the lights during truck weighing.

As standard, when no trucks are on the scale, both entry and departure lights are green. When a truck boards the scale, both lights are switched to red, signaling the driver to remain on the scale and preventing arriving trucks from boarding the scale. Once the weighing is complete, ScaleQ switches the departure light to green, allowing the driver to proceed. Only after the scale weight has gone down will the approach light be switched to green in preparation for the next truck. The ScaleQ interface also provides operators with on-screen, manual control of gate opening and closing.

ILS Traffic Light Control Interfaces include manual control switches and gate status indicators and can be configured for multiple scales. Interface circuitry for Vehicle Positioning Photocells, to ensure proper positioning on the scale platform, can also be installed within the Traffic Light Control Interface enclosure.

Tim is finishing up the traffic lights getting ready for shipment. If you have any questions about how an automated traffic light control system can speed up your weighing process contact us today! 

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