March 14, 2022 1 min read

The Manager Program allows System Administrators to set the controls. 

Scale manager program

System administrators have the ability to tailor user accessibility to ScaleQ functionality ensuring security and to protect data integrity.   

Administrators can establish User Groups, assigning the appropriate permissions for each group. Each registered user is assigned to one of these groups. 

ScaleQ ver. 2.0 permissions are highly granular, allowing greater definition of functionality for different Groups. Administrators would be granted greater access than Operators. Temporary workers can be limited to basic weighing only. Clerical personnel could be limited to report printing only, if deemed appropriate. 

Administrators can create multiple groups. 

Administrators can establish as many Groups as necessary to control accessibility. If necessary, there may be a Group of one person.    

Optional, advanced security features permit Administrators to set group-based restrictions on any field or any file, or any function available from the tool bar or main menu (and some pop-up menus as well). 

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