Software is Key in the Bulk Weigh Industry | Weighing Management

October 29, 2020 1 min read

Save time and money with weighing management software. 

The key to success is managing your operations efficiently. Scale ticketing software is key to the bulk weigh industry. ILS weighing management systems is designed to speed up the weighing process. Not only that, it is more important that ever to protect your employees and customers with the growing concerns of Covid-19.

ILS' weighing management solutions provide a number of ways to minimize physical interaction between drivers and scale house personnel. Solutions such as mounted scale-side ticket printers. A driver doesn't even have to get out of the truck or have a scale operator hand the ticket over. If you need a signature for transactions we provide a scale-side signature pad in a protective enclosure. Last but not least is the option for E-mail ticketing. Go paperless and send e-tickets. With a centralized database all your plants are secure with our office software linking your operations together. 

Grow your business with weighing software solutions built around you. 

Highly configurable to meet your business needs. ScaleQ Exclusive uses a customized database plus optional modules for signature and video capture, in-yard tracking, order entry and truck dispatch, as well as back office functionality for digital imaging and office administration.

Improve your day to day operations with ILS ScaleQ software and hardware solutions. 

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