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November 03, 2020 1 min read

Is your scale house operation slowing you down?

The scale house operation needs to run seamlessly. Interface Logic Systems' line of weighing management and control systems is designed to make your scale house a revenue center. The user-friendly, quickly-mastered interface speeds up the weighing process. There is a lot going on in a day of the scale house operation. Tracking material is critical. You need to know precisely what is coming in and what is going out. ILS offers integration between the weighing operation and back to the office. Creating invoices and collections can be costly and time-consuming. Our integrated solutions increase your bottom line and simplify tasking day-to-day operation that slow you down. 

Our job is designing weighing management systems around your business. Getting trucks in and out as quickly and efficiently as possible is our goal. We take the time to listen to your unique business needs and provide solutions that make your scale house a revenue center. 

Get trucks back on the road faster. 

Mobile check in of vehicles allows you to add load information when there is a long line of trucks reducing wait time and time on the scale. Automatically collect and store tare weights. Scale house operators can set and store tare weights for trucks, which eliminates the need to spend extra time weighing trucks every time they come through. You can set tare weight alerts and expirations for each truck making it possible to track when it is time for a truck to weigh out again. 

Contact an ILS representative and let's talk about ways to improve the scale house operation for your business. 

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