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October 09, 2018

The founders of Interface Logic Systems decided to seize the day in 1986.

Seize The Day Interface Logic Systems


Elie Sneward and Jack McDaniel, met while working at Thurman Scale in Columbus, Ohio. They had a vision of using computers and electronics in the weighing industry for data collection and business management. Seizing the moment in 1986, they founded Interface Logic Systems.

Become the best in the industry has always been ILS' motto. 

The company's first focus was customized scale software. They quickly realized not all businesses operate the same way. Why not make truck scale software designed around your clients needs. One of the advantages over the competition was our ability to customize the software to do things differently for each client. ILS became recognized as customization done right and quickly. 

In the early years and still today we stand by our ability to provide custom solutions to enhance your operations from the scale house to the central office.

In 2006 a group of employees acquired ILS from the original owners. ILS is comprised of industry professionals with more than a century's experience in the weighing industry, whose objective is to ensure that the customers' goals are met on a budget, on time, every time.

We are committed to service for the life of your system. Seize the day and schedule a demo and see what ScaleQ can do for your business. 

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