ScaleQ Data Transfer To QuickBooks

February 19, 2020 1 min read

Data transfer to QuickBooks provides custom solutions.

quickbooks data transfer

ScaleQ software enhances the productivity of our clients operations, from the scale house to the central office.

In addition to advanced data transfer capabilities between multiple locations ILS also provides administrative tools to maximize the value and accessibility of the data captured by ScaleQ for all office personnel, from operations to accounting. ScaleQ Report Generator, is a central tool for office productivity. allowing personnel to design reports deriving data from any of the ScaleQ files and fields. Allowing output to any Windows printer, comma-delimited or fixed-length ASCII files, HTML files, e-mail or e-mail attachments and XLS files. 

Optionally ILS can provide a customized report format designed to create data files that are compatible for import by QuickBooks Accounting Software.This eliminates the need for redundant data entry and the potential for costly transcription errors.

ILS developers will consult with your accounting personnel to determine which data is required for your accounting requirements. They will then configure the report file, which will be presented as a new report in the report program. This report will be run like any other report, requiring minimal, if any, run time data entry. 

QReports, in conjunction with appropriate application files supplied by ILS, will generate an intermediate XML file ready for import to QuickBooks.

Completing the QuickBooks Export application suite is QuickImport, a utility that imports XML files to QuickBooks and, if appropriate, an invoice template that will print a single invoice per customer for each import, itemized by ticket number.

Please contact us to discuss the many tools available to help your personnel maximize their efficiency and performance. 

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