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July 17, 2018 2 min read

Unattended weighing systems are designed to make your scale house a revenue center. 

unattended weighing systems

We understand the need for unattended weighing systems that is user-friendly with a quickly-mastered interface that speeds up the weighing process. We know the importance of your return on investment. The scale house in the center of your business. 

Improve your bottom line by automating your scale house functions. 

Protecting your scale house is important. Ask yourself these questions and see if one of our unattended weighing systems is a good fit for your business needs. 

  • Is unattended for me?
  • Can we run trucks through more efficiently? 
  • Do I track job costs and quotas accurately?

It is important to be able to process secure, accurate transactions during and even after normal scale house operations. 

A remote data terminal (RDT) will allow trucks to either scan a card with a bar code or enter their truck code to start and finish the transaction. With products such as our remote date terminal, remote ticket printers, digital signature and image capture functionality permits drivers to sign for transactions and stores the information in the ScaleQ database. Our custom remote ticket printer provides transaction tickets and receipts to drivers without requiring them to leave their vehicles. One convenient feature is to have the remote ticket enclosure next to the RDT so the driver can just grab and go. 

Signature pads can be installed at the counter or at the RDT in a sealed weather-proof enclosure. RF readers and trucks equipped with RFID tags can be processed without the additional labor costs. It's features like these that help trucks run through faster letting you and the driver get on with business. 

Each RF tag is assigned a truck record in the ScaleQ database. As the truck boards the scale, the reader identifies the tag code and searches the ScaleQ database for a corresponding truck record. ScaleQ retrieves all the data necessary to process the transaction. Our software captures the truck weight, posts the data to the file and prints a ticket, all without the participation or presence of a scale attendant. 

ScaleQ software can automatically track jobs. By assigning a job the system can keep track of your material and hauling charges. You can assign catalog pricing according to your customer structure which in turn automates the process for you. 

Unattended weighing system will tell you when you have reached your quota so you can pull that truck and assign it to another job. The program will keep track of everything for you providing a more cost effective process. This may eliminate manually tracking your job cost. Unattended weighing systems also keep track of truck or load turn-around time. 

Let us help you decide if unattended weighing systems isuits your needs. 

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