Scale Reporting Software | Billing and Reporting Solutions For Bulk Weigh Industries

July 03, 2018

Scale reporting software provides vital information for your administrative, accounting and staff. 

scale reporting software

At ILS we recognize that billing and reporting solutions are crucial to understanding every aspect of your business. Having a good scale reporting software tool like ScaleQ Report Generator is essential to running your operation as efficiently as possible.  

Scale reporting software that provides the information you need to know exactly how much product you sell and which customers are buying the most. The information is readily available in ScaleQ Report Generator scale reporting software. ILS' ability to customize the ScaleQ database to meet the unique requirements of each client makes our reports feature a valuable tool for operational, administrative and executive personnel.

When a customer requests specific information it doesn't have to take a tremendous amount of time to gather what is needed. With our scale reporting module you can easily design reports to fit each customers specifications. Reports can run automatically so they can have their reports daily, weekly or monthly and can be emailed. Reports that build relations with every one of your customers. 

A powerful, yet simple to use tool for business management. 

The report program makes retrieval, analysis and distribution simpler, yet more powerful than even. Authorized users can design, run and control access to detail or summary reports. Reports can then be viewed on screen, e-mailed or sent or sent to a variety of digital files. For example download into Excel and send directly to the requester. 

Scale reporting software permits users to run pre-defined reports from within the scale program, without having to open another application. This feature makes our reports program convenient, secure and more efficient. The report program is secured by ScaleQ's user/group security protocols, ensuring the integrity of the data reported. Report designers may specify which groups may access or edit reports. 

Request a demo of our scale reporting software. 

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